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"Memorials" covers a wide range of offerings to commemorate people and events. Cemetery monuments/memorials normally include single units, husband and wife doubles, or whole families that may be together in a central area.

"Memorials" also covers other items in a cemetery, or a church or community, which are dedicated to a person, events or in memory of a person or event. An excellent example is a veterans memorial, which is dedicated to the people and the ideals they fought for.


Upright Monuments

come in innumerable sizes and shapes to accommodate single, double or multiple names. They can also be more easily customized for any special design or purpose.

Slant Monuments

are seen with and without bases. They also can be customized in shape and size and purpose.

Bevel Or "Pillow" Markers

are smaller versions of the Slant Monuments, but lay closer to the ground.

Flat Or "Grass" Markers

are set with the top surface level with ground level. Many cemeteries have specific guidelines about how these may/must be installed.

Benches and Seats

The invitation to sit and relax is often the reason benches are installed in public places. They often are commemorative and gives someone a place to rest and contemplate. The cemetery monument bench can provide that same invitation.


A structure that is built to hold urns containing the ashes of the deceased. They can be either simple or grand, and hold one or multiple earns.

Government And Veterans

Memorial styles, flat or upright, granite, marble or bronze can be duplicated for a spouse. We also can suggest options to install the government supplied piece.


are above ground crypts. There are many, many options and styles for single or large multiple crypt family pieces. We also can suggest "Columbarium" options for cremated remains.

Memorial Options

Other pieces can be added to the monument to enhance the story of a life. Following are a few options:

Custom Art Work

We provide many custom shapes and finishes, floral designs, hunting and fishing scenes, and emblems for the importance of duty, God or County, etc. We also can use Etchings and Lazer etchings to provide minute details.

Vases And Planters

A fresh floral bouquet is often the preferred gift to leave when visiting a loved one at the cemetery. We can provide many options in granite, marble, bronze, and other metals.

Bronze Markers

Flat markers are required in certain cemeteries. Some people prefer the metal over granite. We have suppliers that can cast a grass marker with the custom features we request. Our Memorial Representatives or Authorized Dealer can go through the specific differences in design work between granite and bronze.


Figural or sculpture pieces can tell a part of a person's story. Mainly bronze or other metals are the most durable, but white marble is very popular.

Pet Memorials

To many, losing a pet is a highly emotional event. A wish for a memorial to their memory and the joy they brought us is only a natural extension of the grief process.

Garden Memorials

A rustic piece of granite, be it a bench, a stepping stone, a poem or a memorial is and looks at home in a garden. Landscaping does include "hard scape" to add dimension and interest.


Just as a cemetery memorial is intended to mark a place, and tell a story, so does a Commercial Sign. Granite being one of the most durable materials makes it a must for consideration. Parks, cemeteries, Churches, apartments, and business sites, are some of the locations that have decided on this tough durable, but very custom material.

How Much Does A Granite Memorial Cost?

The cost of a Granite Memorial varies greatly based on the type of memorial, size, granite color and options you choose. Information we will need in order to provide you with further pricing information includes:

  • Color of Granite
  • Type of Memorial (Upright, Slant, Bevel, Flat, Government, Duplicate
  • Sizes (including the base)
  • Type of Edges (polished, sawed, rough)
  • Additional Lettering and Options

For a price inquiry, please contact:

Sara by email or phone:

[email protected] or 402-338-8123

What Options And Features Are Available On A Memorial?

In addition to the type of granite, size and shape of your memorial, there are many other options you may consider. Following are a few of them:

  • Additional Finishing
  • Special Shapes and Designs
  • Different Lettering Types
  • Additional Lettering such as children's names, hobbies, interests, special gifts, poems, etc.
  • Choice of Panel Designs on which the lettering is placed
  • Carvings
  • Custom Etchings and Laser Etchings
  • Color Etching
  • Portraits
  • Ceramic Photo inserts
  • Vases
  • Bronze Plaques
  • Memorial Display Case